The day of the Hendrix Dining Services Food Show is an anticipated one by Hendrix College students and staff. 

It’s the day that food broker representatives fill the student dining hall with a showcase of new food products that may be added to the Hendrix menu.

Students are provided with a ballot at the beginning of the show, and after trying some of the 75 to 100 products, mark their favorites.

Dawn Hearne, food services director, said that the students’ choices would be tallied and their "voice" will ultimately shape the Hendrix menu.

Hearne said that if students agree overwhelmingly on a dish or product, it could be seen in the dining hall within a month.

"This is a method to get the opinions from the students. They get really excited about it and it’s their way to have an input on the menu that we serve them," said Hearne.

Hearne said she encouraged food brokers to bring their most sustainable, organic and local items.

Charlyn Griffith, representative for Davidson’s cage-free pasteurized eggs, was present at the Food Show in hopes of interesting students in the new cage-free egg that is offered by R & R Brokerage. 

Griffith said that Hendrix orders the standard eggs, and she was sure that if offered, students would support the cage-free option.

Hearne said that a local farmer’s grass-fed beef was being considered for order, and Hendrix chefs were using it Wednesday in a chili recipe for students to try.

Other products on showcase included organic variations of soy milk, vegan southwest stir fry, vegan caramel potatoes, locally sourced juices, dairy products and fruit.


Hendrix sophomore Brittany Page said her favorite foods Wednesday were the chocolate cheese cake and the chicken chili. 

"I appreciate that they want my input. A lot of food is good here, but it can get redundant. It’s nice to be able to say what we want."