Senator Mark Pryor paired his visit with students in Conway High School-West’s AP government and politics classes with the opportunity to present one student with his acceptance to the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

With the aim of expounding upon the class’ current unit on government and policies, Pryor addressed students from four classes in the James H. Clark Auditorium on Friday.

After a brief overview of the U.S. Senate and a plea to the students to consider the course of public service, Pryor called senior Taylor "Morgan" Warneke to the front of the auditorium to give him the news of his acceptance to the military academy.

Warneke received applause and an ovation from his classmates as he shook hands with Pryor.

Pryor said the students may choose many avenues of public service, citing Warneke’s decision to continue his education in the U.S. Military.

"You could be a teacher or a firefighter. Those are also public servants," Pryor said. "You don’t have to be in office to be in public service. It isn’t only about holding an office. At minimum, vote, pay taxes and serve on a jury. I hope you will stay involved in your government."

Warneke said his uncle, a POW, was his inspiration in his decision to begin the arduous application process to West Point. 

"I finished the application last November," Warneke said. "It was an extensive process. I’m so thankful for the help, for the recommendations and for people who edited essays."

Warneke obtained recommendations from Pryor, Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Sen. Joyce Elliott, Rep. Vic Snyder and Rep. Linda Tyler.

While in Conway, Pryor visited the offices of First Orion, Snap On facilities and the high school’s west campus.

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