Marguerite Vann Elementary students gained new understanding of the workings of the human body on Tuesday, as they traveled through the series of tunnels and rooms of the "Body Walk."

The Body Walk is a hands-on exhibit of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, where students may walk through the simulation of areas of the body. 

Students begin with a look and a feel of an averagely sized polymer brain, and enter the exhibit through the "mouth." 

From there, students traveled to the stomach, through the intestines, to the heart, lungs, bones room, muscles room, and the skin room. 

At each destination, students from Conway High School-West’s medical professionals classes taught the basics of the area’s functions and offered tips on building a healthy lifestyle.

The exhibit was brought to the school through the efforts of Marguerite Vann Elementary P.E. teacher Sherry Pillow.

According to Pillow, the exhibit and its material lessons correspond with a health and wellness unit that the school is currently teaching its students.

Along with student participation, the curriculum made possible the involvement of parents of students, who attended a Parent Night at the school on Monday.

Melanie Malone, family and consumer science agent with the Cooperative Extension Office, said that the exhibit was visited by about 100 parents and students after school hours Monday.

On Tuesday, the exhibit was open to all students for the length of the school day.

Malone said that the traveling exhibit saw 450 students in its two days in the Marguerite Vann Elementary School cafeteria.

The cost of the exhibit’s rental was sponsored in part by Faulkner County Farm Bureau. 

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