The Level 3 through 7 girls gymnastics team from Sonshine Academy had high finnishes competed at the Stars and Stripes Gymnastics All Star Classic in Jonesboro last weekend.  

The Level 6 team of Haley Claire Mathis (9 years), Taylor Joe (10), Sydney Kellybrew (10), Kenley Mobley (9), and Anna Barnard (15) won the Level 6 team competition. Sonshine’s Level 4 and 5 teams both teams finished third in the team competition.  Eight Sonshine gymnasts won all-around titles and 17 gymnasts won at least one individual event title.  

All-around winners were Holly Hambuchen (Level 7, 18 years), Anna Barnard, Sydney Kellybrew, Abigail Robnett (Level 5, 8), Lizzie Spivey (Level 4, 10), Abigail Robinson (Level 4, 8), Naomi Young (Level 3, 7), and Lily Douglas (Level 3, 5(.

Individual event winners were Hambuchen on vault, bars, beam, and floor; Barnard on bars and beam; Sydney Kellybrew on bars and beam; Haley Claire Mathis on floor; Keely Crass (Level 5, 10) on beam; Robnett on vault, bars, beam, and bloor; Tori Dinges (Level 4, 12) on vault; Spivey on bars and floor, Abby Carter (Level 4, 10) on bars and beam; Emily Lively (Level 4, 9) on beam; Abigail Robnison on beam and floor; Julia King (Level 4, 8) on vault; Echo Clauer (Level 3, 9) on vault; Naomi Young on vault; Katie Beth Smith (Level 3, 7) on bars; Melaina Taylor (Level 3) on beam; and Lily Douglas on bars, beam, and floor.

Other highlights include season highs by the following gymnasts; T Joe - 8.45 on beam; Kenley Mobley – 31.3 all-around; Rachel Gaffney - 8.80 on beam; Emma Johnson – 30.4 all-around; Jessi Hull – 7.85 on Vault and 7.5 on beam.

The girls gymnastics team is coached by Scott Wright, Valerie Martin, Sax Engel and Lauren Mohlke.