A Bit of Heaven            

By Pamela Hixon Rhea 

 We hold a bit of them in memories, 

In things kind and good and true, 

Sometimes it seems their presence

Is felt in the many things we do.


We find them in truths and values, 

In teachings ingrained upon our souls,

Oft in our childhood joys, 

In life’s pathway’s glow.


We glimpse them when a flower blooms, 

And in God’s deep blue sky, 

In our hearts they have a place, 

And that love cannot die. 


We feel them in God’s gentle breeze, 

Their love for life in the morning dew, 

In all things bright and beautiful, 

And in all things new.


We find them in the joys of living, 

And in those daily notes of grace, 

In everything worthwhile and noble, 

We glimpse their loving face.


For they left a piece of Heaven, 

For those who follow behind, 

And we clasp to our hearts, 

Those dear things we chance to find.


And when this life has ended, 

And our sorrows are no more,

We will meet again in that fair land, 

On Heaven’s happy, golden shore.

Always in Love

By Helene Stallcup

The great love of my youth was not a man,

not fame, nor wealth, nor far romantic dreams.

Before my years of travling began,

my heart was lost and won by rocky streams.

Although I loved Niagra and the sea,

the ocean, racing, galloping to peaks,

a greater love was always calling me

back home to trail beside enchanting creeks.

I missed the wooded hills, high rocks, and wept

for soft blue valleys wrapped around a lake,

for springtime valleys where the wild buds crept

into my dreams and blossomed wide awake,

   but even in my dreaming I would seek 

   the silver crescent ripple of a creek.