Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:


1. Fraud or deceit to procure narcotic drugs at 501 Elsinger Blvd., Target. A pharmacy employee stated that she filled a prescription, but she was suspicious that it was forged. According to the report, "Due to Target’s policies, she had to fill the prescription." Employees contacted the doctor’s office that the prescription may have originated, and were told by a doctor that his prescription pad had been stolen. The doctor said he did not have a patient with the name of the patient identified on the prescription.

2. Theft of property at 855 Salem Road, Kroger. The 15-year-old victim said that when she was walking she dropped $42. According to the report, four males in a blue Chevy Impala stopped on the road, opened a car door, picked the money up and drove away.

3. Theft of property at 250 block of Hayes Street. The victim stated she noticed her that her firewood was being taken while she was not at home and during the night. She stated that she returned to her residence and found three males loading her firewood into a truck and trailer. The males told her that they were told that they could take the wood. She said that she did not tell anyone that her firewood could be taken, and they unloaded the truck and trailer.

4. Theft of property at 200 block of Mill Street. The victim stated that someone stole her mountain bike from her front porch. Her neighbor advised that she saw four young males walking on her porch during the day. The bike is a red mountain bike with the word ‘Honda’ on its side and a picture of Woody Woodpecker. 

5. Theft of motor fuel at 1030 Skyline Drive, Flash Market Citgo. An employee of the business stated that an unknown male put $42.70 in gas into an older model Chevy truck and left without paying for it. The truck was described as having a blue top, with a wide white stripe in the middle and a blue stripe on bottom. The employee said that there were two children in the vehicle.

6. Forgery. The victim said that a company by the name of CIF Financial Services took $200 from her US Bank checking account through an unauthorized electronic transfer. She received a phone call from a man who said he was an employee of the business, and he told her that she owed the business $121. According to the report, the man was able to give the victim personal banking information. When the victim attempted to call him back, the number had been disconnected. 

7. Theft of property at 2200 block of Independence Avenue. The victim, a rental property owner, was advised by the residence’s neighbors that significant damage had been done to his property. The previous renters had moved out of the residence, and around the time that they left, the air conditioner lines, a lot of the house’s wiring and plumbing were taken. The materials were copper.

8. Theft of property at 2800 block of College Avenue. The victim stated that while parked in the area, someone stole the license plate from his vehicle. 

9. Residential burglary at 300 block of Mildred Street. The victim stated that someone kicked in the door of his residence and stole his television, Wii gaming system, Xbox, Kinect, laptop, Sony PSP, iPod Touch and external hard drive.

10. Forgery at 1445 Hogan Lane, Centennial Bank. An employee said that the suspects cashed two payroll checks in the amount of $1,969 and $1,752. The employee said that he did not suspect forgery at the time, and both signatures were verified.