The conditional use committee of the Conway Planning Commission on Feb. 7 approved an application from Conway Corp. for a rezoning to construct the Tupelo Wastewater Treatment facility on Lollie Road.

The committee gave its approval but with several conditions.

The issue will go before the full planning commission at its 7 p.m. meeting on Wednesday at the Russell L. "Jack" Roberts District Court building.

The planning commission heard a request from Conway Corp. on Jan. 18 for a rezoning for a conditional use permit for construction of the plant in an area zoned agriculture, but the commission sent the request to committee for more study.

Members of the committee reported on Feb. 7 that they had contacted residents and school officials in Fayetteville near a plant that most closely resembles the one being planned by Conway Corp.

A myriad of concerns were addressed by Greg Dell, manager of engineering and planning for Conway Corp., and the committee voted to approve the application with the following conditions.

• Appearance of plant: Make the plant as attractive as possible for all neighbors and passersby.

• Fencing: East side:  Wrought iron décor fence and gated with decorative gate post (iron column/capped) from NE corner to first gated entrance where fence is not behind berm. North & West sides: Chain link powder coated/razor top fencing. South side: Berm. 

• Landscaping: Cedar and Leland Cypress trees or evergreen species and shrubbery will accent the plant and fencing on north, south and east areas. Shrubbery will be of a kind that doesn’t attract birds.

• Lighting: As planned in specifications.

• Odor:  Meet or exceed specifications as presented

• Noise: No horns or other yard alarms

• Berm:  East side: Acceptable as planned with landscaping

• Security: Standard industry practices

• Signage: Meet City of Conway sign ordinance requirements.

• Marine life: Meet requirements of all required agencies with regulation jurisdictions.

• Road Conditions: Meet weight limits and standards as set by the city/state weight restrictions.

• Right-of-Way: Dedication of the east 40 feet of the property to the city as a street right of way

• Exterior construction times: Sunrise to 9 p.m.

• Dust: Contractor complies with best management practices as recommended by ADEQ.

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