Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office:

1. Attempted fraud. The victim stated that a male identifying himself as Michael Anderson of Publisher’s Clearing House has been calling her and saying that she has won $650,000. The suspect has asked that the victim send a processing fee of $100 via Western Union to a Texas address.

2. Breaking or entering at 10 block of Brookfield Drive, Vilonia. The victim stated that someone gained entry to the residence in the area and stole a window air conditioning unit, a kitchen stove, a propane heater, riding lawn mower, push lawn mower, a saw and a wheel barrow. 

3. Breaking and entering at 1 Patton Road, Wooster Grocery. An employee of the business stated that the store had been entered through an overhead door into the feed room. According to the report, someone "tried to break into the walk-through door going into the store." Someone had also attempted to throw a brick through the front door.

4. Theft of services at 10 block of Fuller Road. An employee of the Mayflower Water Department stated that someone had been using water services in the area where meters were supposed to be out of service. The person who lives at the address is unknown at this time. Services in the amount of $250 have been used.

5. Damage to livestock at 580 block of Highway 287, Vilonia. According to the victim, a neighbor’s pit bull attacked her cow, severing both of its ears. 

6. Vandalism of property at 30 block of Stevens Road, Conway. The victim stated that an unknown suspect or suspects knocked over a statue in her yard and moved a large cement planter into the roadway.

7. Unattended death at 10 block of Eastwood Oaks Drive. MEMS and county officers responded to a residence in the area where a woman was fund unresponsive.

8. Fleeing near Skunk Hollow Road. According to a FCSO report, a suspect fled the scene of a disturbance where deputies were dispatched. Deputies followed the suspect’s footprints in the snow and found him under a bed in a nearby camper.

9. Theft at 444 Highway 64, Vilonia Flash Market. An employee stated that a woman distracted her as a man entered the business’ back room and stole a ring, bracelet and earrings. The suspect was found and items were recovered.

10. Vandalism at 10 block of Rolling Creek Circle, Conway. An employee of Safeguard Properties stated that he checked on a foreclosed property in the area and found that someone had filled the house’s locks with clear silicone caulk. The lock boxes had been taken off of the doors and were in the trash.

11. Burglary or breaking and entering at 10 block of Betty Jo Lane, Mayflower. The victim stated that someone broke into her house and stole two televisions. 

12. Residential burglary at 10 block of Harmon Lane, Vilonia. The victim believes that an acquaintance gained entry to his home by breaking the doorknob.  Stolen items included a weed eater, a saw, cordless drill, DVDs, a surround sound system, fishing poles, a DVD player, television, a mobile phone, electric heaters, refrigerator, extension cords and vehicle tires.

13. Theft from a motor vehicle at 790 block of Highway 365, Mayflower. The victim stated that someone broke into his truck and stole his battery and stereo system.

14. Fraudulent use of a credit card. The victim was informed by First Service Bank, that someone had been using his account to make several unauthorized charges. Transactions totaled $600 and were charged to National Express, Travel Lodge, Apple, and Epoch.

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