an Iirish Valentine
By Maxine Spryes Hixon
My Irish heritage ... for this I’m ever --
thankful --;
There’s a depth of heart -- home and love are
so much a part;
It matters not -- “if you’re Irish ...” there’s nothing --
work or play .. that’s dull...
That spark that’s always an integral part ... of
heart. -- is the start.
Valentine’s Day ... with the Irish is an everyday
affair ...
Through hardships monumental
... famine and drought --
having to leave Emerald Isle --;
Still, what was deep set in brave loving hearts ...
coming to a new country -- to dare;
A little bit of Ireland was brought with each one --
in laughter and smiling eyes from there.
Appreciation of family and friends -- love of God --
runs strong -- defeating despair --;
Being able to make even work fun ... is an ability
not many inherit;
A song in the heart -- knowing
difficulties are
surmountable -- with faith in God is not so rare ...
Mostly you think one of Irish lineage -- even though missing
the language lilt, -- a Valentine
without a care.