Conway police believe the cause of death of a 21-year-old woman to be the misuse or huffing of air duster, or canned air.

LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, said that officers responded to an emergency call from the victim’s husband at 1611 Cherry Street on Sunday, where the victim, Kimberly Andrews, was found unresponsive.

Detective Tommy Balentine said that a search of the residence revealed 28 air duster cans, "most of which were empty."

According to a CPD release, the victim’s husband told officers that when he went to bed Saturday, his wife had been "huffing air duster."

The release stated that investigators also found empty bottles of prescription drugs, which had been filled in February.

"Foul play is not suspected in this case and Kimberly Andrews doesn’t have any known health issues, so police are looking into the possibility that she died from huffing air duster, a possible drug overdose, or a combination of the two," the release stated.

According to the release, the couple’s two-year-old child was in the apartment at the time of the call, but was unharmed.

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