Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:


1. Burglary in the 2900 Block of Becky Road. The victim came home to find that someone had torn a screen out of a bedroom window and entered the dwelling. Items stolen included a 50-inch LCD television, a XBox and a PlayStation 3 gaming system, two watches and a CD player. Evidence was collected but no usable prints were found at the scene. 

2. Break or entering of a vehicle located in the 4500 Block of Sawgrass Court. The victim stated that during the night, someone had broken into his truck by breaking the passenger side window and stolen his wallet and a radar detector. The investigation did not render any trace evidence and the victim was advised to close all credit cards that had been in his wallet.

3. Possible intoxicated driver, Price Cutter, 380 Harkrider St. Police were called after a woman was thought to be unconscious in her vehicle. After turning off the car and waking the suspect up, officers tried to administer sobriety tests but the suspect could not stand up to complete the actions. Communicating with the suspect was difficult as she was deaf and acted as though she could not read or write. The suspect was taken to the police department where she was signed her rights and agreed to be taken to Conway Regional Medical Center for a drug test as a bottle of Hydrocodone as well as more than 20 Xanax were found in her possession. She was taken back to the police department and explained that she had pulled into the parking lot to rest until she felt better. She has not been charged at this time but will be if she can’t provide proof the Xanax found was legally prescribed for her.

4. Violation of a no contact order, Waffle House, 816 East Oak Street. Police were called in reference to a fight that took place between two individuals at the restaurant. The victim stated that the suspect accused him of turning into the parking lot too fast and spraying dirt on him. The victim advised that he tried to avoid the conflict but that the suspect was aggressive toward him and a physical confrontation was broken up by Waffle House employees. The suspect left the scene and was later stopped with a woman in the vehicle with him that had a no contact order protecting her from the suspect. Although she said the no contact order was no longer in place, records confirmed it was and the suspect was arrested and taken to Faulkner County Detention Center 2.

5. Unattended death, 1090 Skyline Drive, in front of Howard Johnson Inn. A hotel employee called the police when he arrived at work to discover a man lying on a bench in front of the restaurant attached to the hotel. When officers arrived on the scene, it was discovered the subject had passed away during the night. Notification was made with the subject’s wife.

6. Obstructing governmental operations, 600 Block of Cherub Lane. Officers were called to investigate a loud music complaint. When they arrived on the scene yelling could be heard from inside the residence as well as loud music. After knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell, the suspect advised police that he would not open the door. After stepping away from the door the suspect opened it to see if the officers were gone and then tried to get back inside the residence when the officer asked to speak with him. The suspect tried  to keep the officer from entering the residence and then tried to flee the scene. He was arrested and taken into custody.

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