Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office:


1. Disturbance in the 220 Block of Old Military Road, Conway. The suspect was stopped while attempting to leave the scene after the children of the women he was arguing with called 9-1-1 in fear for their mother. When asked to get out of his vehicle to perform a field sobriety test, the suspect stated that he was too drunk to stand up to complete the test and that he had just consumed a fifth of whiskey. The suspect was transported to Faulkner County Detention Center and charged with driving while intoxicated, refusing sobriety tests and not having insurance on his vehicle. 

2. Terrorist threatening call in the 10 block of Loretta Lane, Greenbrier. The victim called authorities after the suspect posted threats to her on the internet site Facebook regarding the placement of her trash cans. The suspect did not like where the cans were located and admitted to placing the cans in the roadway in a post on the site. The victim agreed to provide a copy of the posts to the officer at a later date and was given information on the warrant process.

3. Code violation in the 300 Block of Old Military Road, Conway. Approximately 12 abandoned vehicles and miscellaneous trash and debris was photographed on the property after a code violation was reported. The owner of the property was contacted and was given notice that the area needed to be cleaned up within 30 days. The owner said he leases the property to someone else but that he would take care of the issue. A follow-up visit will be made to the property, and the photographs taken were admitted into evidence.

4. Larceny, 50 Block of 3rd Street, Conway. The City of Mayflower Water Department reported a suspect that had turned their water service back on when it had been turned off. More than 35,000 gallons of water had been used since then at an estimated value of $600. The water department representative was advised a report would be filed to aid in his attempt to recoup some of the revenue owed to the city.

5. Impersonation, 70 Block of Oak Tree Circle, Conway. The victim called authorities after she was contacted by Dish Network for a bill in her name that was in arrears for almost seven-hundred dollars. The address associated with the account is in Texas and the victim stated she did not authorize this account. There is no known suspect and an incident report was filed.

6. Simple Assault at O’Henry’s Restaurant, 283 Highway 365 in Conway. The victim called authorities after receiving scratches on his neck that he stated he received from attempting to intervene during an altercation outside the restaurant. The suspect stated that no blows were thrown by either himself or the victim and that the scratches were the result of the victim’s wife throwing a chair at him. Photos of the victim’s scratches were taken prior to the victim and his wife being escorted home as officers suspected the pair were intoxicated.

7. Burglary in the 220 Block of Otto Road, Vilonia. The victim contacted the authorities to report that several days prior to his call, the suspect had kicked open his front door but was unable to reach the victim because of a dead bolt on the bedroom door. The victim believes the suspect entered his room by removing an air conditioning unit from his window and took several items including: two television sets, a snub nose pistol, a X-Box 360 gaming unit, some clothes, DVDs, CDs and watches as well as a sub woofer. A report was filed with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

8. Burglary/Breaking and Entering in the 200 Block of Sawmill Road, Vilonia. The victim reported more than $1,200 worth of property being stolen from his residence when he returned to it, after having been gone for the day. The victim suspects a former roommate of the crime as some of the missing items contained a basket with the roommate’s clothing. Other items taken included: a television, a XBox Game console and controls, DVDs and video games.

9. Larceny, 240 Block of Merritt Road, Greenbrier. The victim called authorities to report that his wallet and some light bulbs had been taken from his home. The victim stated he knew who the suspect was, although he could only identify him with one name. While telling the story to the officer the victim hung up and was not able to be reached when the officer tried to make contact.

10. Public Intoxication, 10 Block of Laura Drive, Conway. Officers were called when a complaint of a suspicious person was made in the neighborhood. The suspect was intoxicated and knocking on his neighbor’s door, trying to get into the home instead of his own. The suspect was transported to Unit 2 at the Faulkner County Detention Center where he was placed under a six-hour hold after he failed a sobriety test.