A request for a reduced bond involving a man charged with four counts of murder in the first degree after a road-rage incident was denied Tuesday.

James Holian of Cabot has been incarcerated since the incident, which occurred last September. Holian, along with Russell Johnston of Vilonia, were involved in a situation on Highway 64 near Vilonia that left four members of the San Felippo family dead. Both Holian and Johnston were charged with the murders.Cody Hiland, prosecuting attorney for the Twentieth Judicial District, said he is pleased that the bond was not reduced.

"This office objected the bond be lowered and we are pleased that the judge left it where it was," he said. "We feel it is an appropriate and standard bail for the crimes he (Holian) is charged with."

The incident allegedly began in Vilonia where Holian and Johnston became involved in a road rage situation that lasted seven to eight miles and culminated in Johnston’s car crossing into oncoming traffic, striking a 2006 Ford F-150 and a 2007 Cadillac Deville. 

A pre-trial hearing has been set for April 19.

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