Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Theft of services, 700 Block of Front Street, The victim stated that after replacing the alternator on the suspect’s vehicle and incurring expenses in the amount of more than $350, the suspect left with the vehicle and did not return to pay the bill. The suspect told the victim that he was driving through Conway on his way back to New Mexico where he resides.

2. Domestic disturbance, 1900 Block of Hogan Lane. Several officers responded to the scene after a caller observed a male chasing a female through a parking lot. Officers had been given information that while the couple were arguing, the male held the female down on the ground. When officers confronted the couple, the female stated that there had been a verbal argument, but no physical contact. The male advised police the reason he had been chasing the female through the parking lot was that she had just gotten out of the shower and was still wet and he was concerned she might get sick. The female refused to let officers take her somewhere else for the night. No further action was taken.

3. Disturbance, 200 Block of Willow Street. A school bus driver stopped to render aid to an injured child who was a passenger. After letting the child off the bus to go to his home, she observed the child’s father walking toward the residence of another child who was responsible for the incident. Officers were called when the man confronted the woman that answered the door at the residence and began yelling and arguing with her regarding his child’s injuries. The woman denied being threatened or struck and did not want to pursue criminal charges against the man. The man apologized to the woman for his behavior as both children admitted the injury was an accident. 

4. Fraud or deceit to procure narcotic drugs, Walgreen’s Pharmacy, 850 Oak St. A stolen prescription pad from a Little Rock doctor’s office was used to fill prescriptions for Lorcet, Soma and Xanax. A pharmacist at the drug store called police after verifying with the doctor’s office that the pad was stolen. A suspect was identified by the Little Rock Police Department as she had filled prescriptions at a pharmacy there as well. Video surveillance from the stores was entered into evidence.

5. Harassment/Public Insults, 300 Block of Pickwicket Drive. A student reported an incident after being threatened by another student that a physical altercation would take place. After both parties were contacted, a representative with the Faulkner County Juvenile Court advised that the suspect be charged with harassment and jailed. Several other students are being investigated concerning their involvement in the incident.

6. Terroristic Threatening. Police were notified by the victim, who stated he was helping a friend move when the suspect threatened him with bodily harm. The victim stated he only knew the first name of the suspect and that he did not know why the man would want to harm him. A statement was taken, however, the victim did not know the exact location where the threat took place.

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