Within minutes of a 4.7-magnitude earthquake emanating from northern Faulkner County, residents from the immediate area and beyond responded to a simple question posted on the Log Cabin's Facebook page.

Did you feel it?

"Our TV shook." —Karen McWherter Fraser.

"I live in (Greenbrier) ... and heck yeah ... I felt it! Heart Cannot slow down." —Krissy Lewis.

"We just felt it in Solgohachia, 9 miles north of Morrilton." —Tracie Perkins.

"What the? What was that!?!" —Tennille Thomas.

"Yes we did! I live in Enola." —Barbara McElroy.

"I live in the middle of Greenbrier, and that was the biggest so far. Just had an aftershock while typing this." —Chris Ashcraft.

"My sister-in-law felt it in Mountain View." —Jennifer Denise Day.

"Yes. In Damascus." —Tanya Thomas.

"Felt in Mayflower." — Kim Thompson Williamson.

"Yes, I felt it in Center Ridge." — Renee Freeman.

"We felt it in Cabot." — Jack Sitzes.

"Yes in the Toad Suck community." - Ty Tillman

"I live about 4 1/2 miles east of Conway and heard a rumble, then felt it. My daughter and son-in-law felt it in Arkadelphia!" - Beth Workman

"Yes we did off of Lower Ridge Rd." - Diane M. Duncan Balding

"Felt it in north Conway...very scary!"- Jennifer Lederman

"Comments as far away as Helena and Ft. Smith saying they felt it!" - Lee Tyus

"I sure did!" - Carol Campbell

"Yes I felt it in Center Ridge." - Renee Freeman

"Big time, largest yet by far." - Sarah Ramsey Bradford