Grade: Sixth

School: St. Joseph Catholic School

Teacher: Alicia Yrle

What makes your school special or unique? We get to pray to God and talk about Him and our Catholic faith.

What has been the class’ favorite topic studied so far? Or, what are your students anxious to learn about this year? Our favorite topic is God in religion classes. We also enjoyed learning about cells in science and Shakespeare in literature. We look forward, some of us, to dissecting in science lab later this year. 

What are your students’ favorite things to do at recess? We like playing basketball, soccer, tether ball and walking and talking with our friends.

What is the class’ favorite subject? We like a lot of them; mostly religion, spelling, vocabulary, science, math and reading.

What are the class’ favorite books to read? Skeleton Creek series, Leap of Faith, Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, Bud, Not Buddy, Faith, Hope and Ivy June

What is the class’ favorite thing to eat in the cafeteria? Mashed potatoes, chicken and rice, nachos, monkey break, and soft tacos.

Is there anything else the community should know about your classroom? We work hard and learn, but we like to have fun while we are at school. We believe our class is awesome.