Among reports released by the Conway Police Department:


1. Theft of property, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 2370 Sanders St. Hotel staff called police after discovering that an LCD television had been removed from a guest room. Hotel staff do not believe the woman staying in the room took the television as they saw her leave without it when she checked out. A guest from a neighboring room is under suspicion by hotel staff for taking advantage of the amenities of another guest and leaving with the television. The incident is being investigated, however, police were able to obtain a copy of the suspect’s driver’s license as he provided one when he checked into during his stay.

2. Theft of property/motor vehicle theft, 5 Block of Rowlett Lane. Officers were called when the victim discovered his 1973 Chevy C-20 pick up truck had been stolen from his residence. An 8-foot fiberglass fishing boat as well as several items of fishing gear were loaded in the bed of the truck and have been listed as stolen as well. The victim told police that the truck had been unlocked with the key left inside.  

3. Criminal mischief, 550 Block of 2nd Avenue. The general manager of a local business notified police after discovering scratches on her vehicle that could have been made with a key or a similar object. The  victim stated that she had to fire an employee recently and was concerned that the damage to her vehicle could have been in retaliation from the former employee as she has also been receiving harassing and threatening messages. The incident is under investigation but police do not have evidence linking the former employee to the crime.

4. Possession of a controlled substance, 240 Block of Oak Street. After being stopped for running a red light, the suspect was had to be told repeatedly to keep his hands on the steering wheel of his car while talking to police. After calling for back up, the officer asked the suspect for permission to search his vehicle but was refused. The suspect was arrested for a warrant and the canine unit was called in after finding evidence of marijuana. The suspect told police it had been planted by the officer working with the canine unit and denied owning the drug related materials.

5. Underage DUI law, Dave Ward Drive. Officers stopped a woman driving east in the west bound lanes of traffic and observed an odor of intoxicants from the driver. After asking the driver to perform sobriety tests, the suspect stated that she could not have been drinking because she was only 19. Sobriety tests were performed, which the suspect failed. The suspect was charged with refusal to submit to the chemical test, traveling the wrong way on a one way street and driving under the influence of alcohol.

6. Aggravated assault, 1300 Block of Hamilton Street. Officers were called after a suspect arrived at a home and threatened the homeowner and guests with a pistol telling them he would kill them. The suspect is known to the victim and a search by police at the scene was unsuccessful. The investigation is ongoing.

7. Assault on family or household member, 20 Block of Brierwood Circle. The victim called police stating that her children’s father assaulted her in the parking lot of a local business when she came to pick up her children. The victim stated that after making threatening remarks, her ex-boyfriend took her cell phone from her hand and threw it at her head, hitting her. The victim had told the suspect that she was going to call the police and he left the area. Police later found the suspect and made a traffic stop as he had a warrant for a previous charge of battery in the third degree. He was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center.

8. Harassment, 320 Block of Shaw Street. A pedestrian called police after being followed by someone driving a silver Dodge pick up truck. The victim stated that the driver of the truck would wait for her to pass and then pull up to the corner of the next street and wait for her to walk past again. The driver left the scene when the victim took out her cell phone to call police. The truck was pulling construction equipment and had a company logo on it. However, police were not able to identify the logo from surveillance footage.

9. Fleeing, Skyline Drive. An employee of a nearby business called police to report that a suspect police had been searching for was in the restaurant. Officers arrived after the suspect had left the restaurant and attempted to locate the suspect. After finding him at the rear of the Walmart building, the suspect proceeded to flee the scene with officers in pursuit. After being taken to the ground by an officer, the suspect attempted to strike the officer with a closed fist and was combative. The officer tried to subdue the suspect until backup arrived and struck the suspect several times. When backup arrived and the suspect was ordered to stop resisting he refused. The suspect was struck several more times in the process of being restrained. The suspect was arrested on charges of breaking and entering of his former girlfriend’s apartment and assaulting someone at that residence. 

10. Theft of services, Waffle House, 816 E. Oak St. Employees at the Waffle House restaurant called police after a suspect ordered food and then left the location without paying for it. The suspect was told by the staff that he could not take the food as he had not paid for it, but he ignored them. The license plate number of the car the suspect got into was given to police and the investigation is ongoing.

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