Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Dog causing physical harm to animal, 475 block of E. Robins St. Officers responded to the residence when someone called to report that a dog was attacking another dog. When officers arrived they observed a pit bulldog holding down a pekingese dog by the neck. The officers stated that they felt like the smaller dog would be killed if the pit bulldog did not stop biting the animal and an officer fired his service pistol, hitting the dog. The dog ran toward other homes in the area and stopped in front of the officer that had shot it. The officer fired a second shot and the dog ran away from the officer and died in front of another residence in the area. Animal Control officers tended to the smaller dog and removed the pit bulldog from the scene. The owner of the pit bulldog was issued citations from the animal control officer. No further action was taken.

2. Indecent exposure, Walmart, 1155 Skyline Dr. Officers were called to the scene by an employee who had been advised by a supplier, that there was a man sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot masturbating. When officers approached the vehicle, they observed that the suspect’s blue jeans were unbuttoned and his zipper was down. They noted that his underpants were at a normal level and the suspect’s genitals were not in view. When officers asked the suspect to step out of his vehicle, he did so and zipped up his pants. The suspect advised that he was waiting for a friend and that he had not been driving. He also advised that he had been about to urinate in a cup when the officers saw him, which is why his pants were unbuttoned. The officers advised the suspect that a criminal trespass warning had been issued against him for the store’s property and that if the officer had arrived a bit sooner, he would have been arrested for indecent exposure. Officers noted that "the suspect said he understood and gave up on denying what he had been doing." Officers were unable to seek a warrant for the suspect’s arrest as the supplier that had witnessed the crime was no longer on scene to verify the claim. No further action was taken.

3. Drinking in public, 1500 block of Washington Ave. Officers responded to the scene due to the noise level coming from the home. Officers noted that about 200 people were at the home having a party. Officers asked to speak to the homeowner and he was advised that the party would need to be shut down. Officers helped clear the home of people and advised the group that  they were not able to take their drinks outside of the residence. The group moved across the street to the Hendrix College campus and started chanting the "Hog call" and "Pig Soooeee". The officers approached the crowd and advised that they needed to disperse, however, officers noted that the crowd did not listen to any of their orders. Officers observed a man that they knew had just come from the house party with what appeared to be a beer. They placed him under arrest and the man stated that he was allowed to  have the beer in a cup on the campus. Officers advised that he had brought the beer from across the street and that he was in violation of the law. Another male suspect was also arrested as he had a cooler with beer in it. Both men were cited for drinking in public.