Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Criminal mischief - first degree, Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 4949 Prince St. Officers were dispatched to the church to speak with a member who advised that during a church meeting, another member of the congregation became angry and made threatening remarks toward other people at the meeting. The man also stated that the suspect had punched a hole through a wooden door and went outside to the parking lot and had to be physically forced to get in his mother’s vehicle and leave the property. The man advised that he would like to have security at the next church meeting and to escort church members to their vehicles. Officers explained the process of obtaining extra duty security and a police stand by. An incident report was filed.

2. Breaking or entering - vending machine, Westside Citgo station, 801 Hogan Lane. The owner of the business contacted officers to advise that someone broke into the coin machine located in the car wash at the business. The victim advised that the person is using a $10 bill with fishing line taped to it to get change from the machine. He also advised that the suspect had stolen about $2000 in the past six months. The victim stated that the suspect got away with about $600 from the latest break in. An incident report was filed.

3. Possessing instrument of crime, 200 block of Willow St. Officers responded to the area for another call and were advised by a manager at the complex that one of the tenants was in her apartment  smoking marijuana with some friends. When officers made contact with the tenant, the other people had left the apartment and she advised that they could search her home. She did admit that she had a marijuana grinder as well as a smoking pipe and gave those items to the officers. A small amount of marijuana was also found on a table inside the residence. The suspect advised that her friends had been smoking but denied that she had been. The suspect’s two children were at home when the police made contact with her and officers contacted the child abuse hot line in reference to the drug use in the vicinity of the children. The suspect was arrested for an outstanding warrant. No further action was taken.