Conway Corp. water customers have been complaining the last few days about an odd taste or smell.

Despite the change in taste, Conway Corp. says the water is safe for drinking, cooking and all other purposes.

Changes in taste and odor in the water are common, said CEO Richard Arnold.

Because of recent heavy rains, the level of Brewer Lake, Conway’s water source, rose about 11 feet in a week.

“Taste and odor in drinking water may occur after heavy rains wash sediment and organic material such as twigs, leaves or grass into the water source.

When the organic material in the lake begins to decay, the process of treating drinking water may result in water with an increased taste or odor, a news release from Conway Corp. said.

“Conway’s water is safe to drink, although its taste and odor are not what we would like,” said Arnold. “We do expect odor and taste to return to normal in a couple of weeks.

“Conway’s drinking water consistently exceeds quality standards from the Arkansas Department of Health,” Arnold said, “and the increased taste and odor of the past week are part of a natural process and not a concern for the health and safety of the drinking water supply for our customers.”