Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Burglary - residential, 900 block of Faulkner St. Officers were called to a residence in reference to a customer refusing to pay the fare she owed the Yellow Cab company. When officers arrived in the area, they saw the cab leaving the area and were advised by dispatch that they could leave the area as the customer advised she would have the money to pay the fare if the cab driver would take her to the pawn shop. Officers caught up with the cab and asked the driver to pull over so they could speak with her. When the driver pulled over, she advised that she had picked the customer up on E. Robins Street, drove her to 6th Street but the residents were not at home, so she took the customer to Faulkner Street where the customer advised that she could not pay the cab fare. The driver then advised that the woman went inside an apartment complex and came out carrying a television that was still in the box. The customer advised the cab driver that if she could take her to a pawn shop, she could pay the fare. When the officers spoke with the customer, she advised that the television was her mother’s and that her mother had given her permission to pawn it because she wanted a bigger one. When officers contacted the customer’s mother, she denied giving her daughter permission to take the television set and advised that she had three padlocks on her bedroom door so her daughter must have broken into the bedroom to get the television. The suspect’s mother paid the cab fare and the suspect was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center and cited for residential burglary and theft of property.

2. Breaking or entering - vehicle, 70 block of Exchange Ave. Officers responded to the area when a man called and stated that his check book and his cell phone had been stolen from his vehicle. The victim advised that the only time the vehicle would have been unlocked was around the time he was leaving work. He did not notice that the phone was missing until the next day and then discovered that the check book was missing as well. An incident report was filed.

3. No driver’s license, 900 block of Monroe St. While on routine patrol, officers observed a vehicle that did not have a license plate and initiated a traffic stop. When they made contact with the driver, he advised that he did not have a driver’s license. Another officer advised that he had written a warning to the driver a few weeks earlier for the same offense. The driver was issued a citation for the offense and his vehicle was removed from the scene. No further action was taken.