Members of the Conway Police Department have identified the second suspect in the alleged kidnapping of two local residents.

According to La Tresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, the department has been working diligently on this case to try to apprehend the suspect, identified as Garrius Davis from Pine Bluff.

"Det. David Short has been working vigorously to identify and locate the second suspect in the kidnapping case that occurred on May 17," she said. "... Davis is believed to have been the man driving the brown truck with the female kidnap victim as his passenger."

The incident took place late Monday night and began with emergency operators receiving a call from one of the victims.

"Our emergency operators received a 911 call from the residence but could not make contact with the caller," Woodruff said. "One of the victims had dialed his cell phone and placed it under the bed, so our dispatch operators could hear what was going on and tried to pinpoint the location so officers could be sent to help. The address was narrowed down to three apartments at Westwood Garden Apartments, and officers arrived on the scene to try to make contact with the victims."

When officers arrived at the apartment, they discovered a brown truck with two people in it and a four-door, Chevrolet "Skittles" car in the parking lot of the complex. Officers spoke with the woman and the man inside the truck and were advised that they did not need help.

Officers attempted to make contact with the people inside the car at which time the driver of the car accelerated and left the parking lot, followed by the occupants of the brown truck.

Officers were involved in a high speed chase but caught up to the driver of the Chevrolet car when it crashed at Farris and Bruce streets. Officials said Spencer, who was driving the car, fled the scene on foot.

The male victim, who was a passenger in the vehicle, advised that he had been kidnapped from his home and that his girlfriend was also taken. He also advised that the female victim is nine months pregnant.

Officers were not able to locate the brown truck or the occupants.

Shortly after the crash, officers were advised by dispatch that calls were coming in from residents on Stermer Street in reference to a woman that was knocking on doors for assistance.

When police arrived, they found the female victim hiding behind the home of a resident in the area. She advised that she had been kidnapped by the man inside the brown truck.

"The female victim told officers that she was afraid that she would be killed if she did not get out of the vehicle," Woodruff said. "She advised that when the second suspect pulled off, on to an unpaved road, she felt like if she didn’t get out he would kill her, so she jumped from the vehicle."

The female victim told officers that the suspect had an assault rifle in the vehicle.

The victims were taken to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.

Both victims were taken to the hospital and are in good condition.

Spencer was arrested a short time after the crash, but the alleged accomplice has not been apprehended.

Davis is described as a 6-foott-tall black male, weighing 170 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes. He is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information as to his whereabouts is asked to contact the Conway Police Department.

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