Holland News

By Margie Fulmer

Thanks to all of you who came and enjoyed the Homecoming with us last Sunday at Oakland. Our ladies prepared a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed. 

Then, we enjoyed some very good singing in the afternoon. The harmony was outstanding. Any time we have good singers and pianist like Jonathan Sawrie, Robert Clark and Helen M. Tapley among others, the singing is better. Thanks to all you good directors, you are appreciated. Raymond Bush, our chairman, Ben McNew, H.R. Neal, Bob Morrow, to name a few. Our pastor gave us a special number.

Tomorrow is the all-day homecoming at Oak Bowery Baptist Church. The public is invited and singing will be great.

A good samaritan came to my house Saturday and put my meal together for me. So, all I had to do Sunday morning was put them in the oven to cook. She said I wasn’t able to do it and go to church on Sunday too. My dear friend, Doris Henderson of Naylor, did this for me. They don’t make friends like that much anymore do they?

The Lord took one of our "Old Time Friends" home to be with Him last week. Menta Faye Skinner was truly ready to meet our Lord. The family has our sympathy. A very large crowd attended her graveside. What a tribute!

Shawna J. Shannon graduated from the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton on Saturday, May 14th. Shawna graduated with an associate of arts degree in general education. She graduated with highest honors as the UACCM 2010 Academic All Star. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Attending the event was her mother, Sandra Cardin, her sons, Brian and Bradley Shannon, her niece, Trinity Cardin, Alex Ferguson of Vilonia, her stepmother, Vickie Elliot, and Gayla Sybert of Little Rock. 

Shawna has plans to continue her education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and will be beginning there on May 23. UALR has awarded Shawna, and Shelby Breelove award, which is the highest award offered to a transfer student.

Bart, Amanda, Haley, Henry and Charles Sellers attended church and "Family Day" at Liberty Nazarene Church last Sunday. Haley won on the Bungee Run by 15.3 feet.

Visiting Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy recently were Dale, Sheryl, Sarah, Rebecca, Little Jessie and Tommy Collins of Conway.

Have a good week. Jesus says, "I am the gate."

Shady Grove News

By Hazel Love 

O.K., I give up on the weather and have decided to just keep both winter and summer clothing in the closet. That way I don’t have to go room to room to get dressed in the morning.

I want to congratulate all of our Greenbrier High School sports teams that played in the state tournaments last week. All made a great showing in their sports. The boys and girls soccer lost their second games, and the girls softball and boys baseball lost out in their semifinal games. They can all hold their heads up and be proud of their accomplishments. They represented their school and community with pride.

Speaking of pride, I must address the benevolence of our Greenbrier school students that occurred following the tornado in Vilonia. They raised $10,000 that was donated to the Vilonia schools to be used for the students that were affected by the tornado. It was presented to them when the baseball team went to play at Vilonia. In sports, it is all vengeance and winning, but when the chips are down, it is how can we help our friends that we play sports with? Is that not great?

Gale Garrison and Joyce Nell Garrison of Conway attended the University of Central Arkansas Night Of Distinction Dinner And Gala last Saturday night at the Farris Field House.

Our little community "Miss Benevolence" has been active again. Hailey Ellzey talked to the principal at Wooster Elementary about doing a food drive for the Vilonia Storm victims. She was given permission to set up a container in the hallway where her classroom is located. 

The second grade had also asked to do a food drive at the same time. Hailey’s drive collected 97 food items in her hallway, around the neighborhood, and some of the Disabled Veterans Auxiliary donated also.

The items she collected at school were taken to Vilonia when the second grade items were delivered. The other things were taken to Harp’s in Greenbrier and put in their box for Vilonia victims. Hailey’s younger brother, Justin, is in the second grade. I do not have a report how much they collected.

The Casharago Reunion is planned for 11 a.m. June 4 at the Bethlehem Baptist Church Family Life Center. All descendants are invited to attend.  

Our sympathy goes to the family of Bill Hoyle who passed away last week.

Centerville News

By Jennifer Freeman

The weather has been a little cooler this week but still pleasant and allowing for plenty of outdoor time after school. Dylan and Kaylee both had a fun week end with friends last week. 

Dylan was able to participate in a paint ball war at Thomas Shaw’s birthday party on Saturday. He walked away with a couple of pretty good bruises but had fun. Kaylee went to stay the night with a friend and attended New Life Church for the first time.

Darrel and I spent a couple of hours with Jeff and Erin Shaw, along with Judy Shaw and several boys. We played ping pong and ate burgers and I was less than thrilled when Erin beat me. Joseph Shaw recently placed second in a chess tournament held at Eastside Elementary School and Thomas Shaw shared the honor of being student of the week.  

I talked with Amy Evans, sister of Brad Goodrich, and she said he is hoping to be moved to the Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center this week. Brad is doing better after his last surgery but is not well enough to be coming home quite yet. Please remember to keep Brad and the family in your prayers.  

With only eight days of school left at Greenbrier, I can certainly see a light at the end of the tunnel and am looking forward to a fun summer. 

Let me know if you have any news about the Centerville community by e-mailing jennfreeman@windstream.net. 

Guy News


Please keep the following in your prayers, Greek Miller, George Miller, who both have had recent surgery, Doug Mood and family, Carolyn Alexandar and family, Marcelle Fielder, Nancy Mallet, Butch Rimmer, The Clendenien Family, Robert King and family, Bettye Poole and family, the Montgomery Family and any one else that is sick or has lost a loved one.  

It is sad that the community has lost so many wonderful people in the last month or so. The families that lost their homes and belongings in the tornadoes. We hope that everyone stops and takes a breath and takes a few moments to look around you and see if there is someone that you can help. Just a kind word, a smile or a helping hand, a visit could make someone happy. Each day we take for granted what we have and don’t stop to realize in a blink of an eye all our worldly possessions could be gone, someone we loved could die or leave us and I could go on and on. 

Don’t take life for granite. Live Laugh and Love.

Lordy Lordy guess who just turned 40! James Rooney, of course. Wow, you’re getting older. Where has all the years gone? I can remember you running around when you ere little with your boots and diaper on. James, I hope that you a wonderful 40th birthday and be blessed with many more.

School is almost over and winding down fast. I know everyone is going on field trips cause believe me my buses at school are on the go every day doing those last minute trips. Let me hear from your class and share with us.

Landon Dowdy went to his first Arkansas Traveler’s game last Saturday and loved it so much he didn’t want to leave. He got his picture taken with the mascot. He is growing up to fast. I love that boy.  

Dawson Watkins and Landon Dowdy spent Friday night with me while his DEEDE spent the night with Mom. Now there is two boys that keep you busy for sure. Both wanted to sleep with me Nanna but once they went to sleep Nanna had to find another bed my regular bed wasn’t big enough. 

Have a great week and remember to be safe and don’t drink and drive. Send news to holtb42@yahoo.com.

Congratulations to all the seniors that are graduating from Guy-Perkins High School and the surrounding cities. We wish you the best on your journey tot he real world. Good luck to you all.