Conway City Council will meet in committee at 5:30 p.m. today at the District Court Building to discuss four ordinances prepared by alderman Mark Vaught addressing the expanded use of funds from "hamburger tax" collected by the Advertising and Promotion Commission currently designated for park development, purchase and construction.

• The first ordinance would allow the funds to be used also for operation and maintenance of public recreation facilities,

• The second would amend the parks budget to reflect the increase in expenditures for operation and maintenance.

• The third would amend the parks operating budget to reflect the decrease in expenditures from the general fund for operation and maintenance. 

• And the fourth would allow the increase in the general fund to be used for step increases in salaries for city employees.

Assistant to the Mayor Jack Bell said it is unusual for an alderman to present ordinances for the Council’s consideration as most items on the agenda are initiated in the Mayor’s office.

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