Two men were held at gun point and beaten during a home invasion that occurred at the Highpoint Apartment complex on Tuesday evening.

According to La Tresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, the men were sitting at the kitchen counter, when two men burst through the door and demanded money and drugs.

"The victims told officers that they had been sitting at the kitchen counter with their backs to the door," she said. "When the victims heard the noise at the door, they turned around and were confronted by the two intruders. One of the suspects had a silver gun and was pointing it at the victims."

Woodruff said the suspects separated the two victims and took one to the living room and the other to the bathroom. The victim who was taken to the living room told officers that he was struck repeatedly by the suspect.

"The victim told officers that he had been hit with a stun gun that had been turned into a set of brass knuckles and the butt of the gun the suspect had," Woodruff said. "The suspect also asked the victim for money and drugs. The victim gave the man about $450 in cash and his cell phone."

When the suspect had collected the money and cell phone from the victim, he called to his partner to leave the apartment in case the neighbors had heard anything.

Woodruff said the victims stayed down on the floor as directed until they thought the suspects had left the area.

"The victim that had been taken into the bathroom called out to his friend in the living room and asked if it was safe to come out," she said. "Since the suspects took the victim’s cell phone, the victims had to leave the apartment to call for help, so they propped the door closed and went to their vehicle. When they got to the vehicle, they discovered that someone had busted the glass from the rear window of the car on the passenger side."

The victims drove down Harkrider Street and saw a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department vehicle at the IHOP restaurant, so they stopped to speak with the deputies there.

The deputies then called the Conway Police Department to report the crime and officers met the victims back at the apartment complex.

Woodruff said the victims received one last shock when they returned to their apartment and opened the door.

"When the victims returned to their apartment, they discovered that someone had been inside the residence when they were gone and had taken more items," she said. "At this time, officers are not certain if the suspects came back to the residence or if someone else entered the apartment when the victims went for help."

While there are no suspects for the crime at this time, officers are still investigating the incident. 

This is the second home invasion incident in Conway within the past week. A man was shot at a residence on Gum Street on Tuesday evening when a suspect held the victim at gun point and demanded money and drugs.

Anyone with information on either crime is asked to contact the Conway Police Department.

(Candie Beck is a staff writer and can be reached at 505-1238 or at