State Rep. David Meeks has formally launched his bid for reelection.

"Central Arkansas is a special place for me and my family," Meeks said. "It is where I met and married my spouse, built the closest friendships, and started a trek towards working for a greater Arkansas."

Meeks, 39 and almost three years married to Naomi McGee Meeks, previously served in District 46 but following this year’s redistricting will run to represent House District 70. 

This past legislative session, he was named by the Arkansas Watch blog as Arkansas’ Best Legislator for his work. Mark Moore of Arkansas Watch explained the decision to name Meeks as the No. 1 representative on a bipartisan list of the top 10: "What sets David Meeks apart is an attitude of service … His style does not display the smallest trace of self-promotion. He does the right thing, for the right reason. He communicates with the grassroots better than probably any other legislator … Meeks is true to his name. He has not a trace of haughtiness as he keeps the common people informed. He even deals with criticism with grace and discretion. That means he has the tools needed to get even better. Meeks listens to us, and there are some other legislators who ought to listen to him."

Meeks vowed to return to the state house and fight for the issues he has always stood for. 

"I will continue to fight for a stronger economy and against negative influences on small businesses and job creators in Arkansas," Meeks said. "This means less excessive regulation and more tax breaks for the hard-working citizens of our state.

"Most relevant to this area, I will continue to fight against any severance tax increase and will work to prevent Arkansans from being forced to purchase government-based health insurance—something I pushed for in the Healthcare Freedom Act this past session.

"Each day that I served in the Arkansas State House, I considered it an honor to work on behalf of the good people of Conway, and I humbly ask for their support in allowing me to return."