75 years ago  


A.C. Thompson may have disappointed some of his friends as a vote-getter in the recent primary election, but he can show them plenty when it comes to corn-growing.

Today, he brought to the Log Cabin Democrat office a stalk of corn that beat anything Bob Burns’ uncle used to grow at his old home near Van Buren. The stalk was 15 feet high and two well formed ears were nine feet above ground.

Mr. Thompson attributes his success to growing the corn, of which he has a patch of one-eighth of an acre to three things — use of a superior selected seed, planting in the wrong time of the moon and dry weather. By disregarding lunar signals and frequent cultivation it’s easy to make good corn during a drought, he said.

Since the ears are out of reach of a tall man it will be necessary for Mr. Thompson to borrow a step-ladder to gather his corn. The step-ladder did not come with the see, he said. 


50 years ago 


James S. Rogers and Wayne E. Rowley of Conway are at Fort Chaffee for refresher training with the 95th Division.

The two citizen-soldiers are among 1,000 Army Reservists called to active duty for two weeks in a "practice" mobilization to test the ability of the Nation’s reserves forces to process, equip and train large numbers of soldiers in a short period of time.

Conducting the training camp are officers and men of the 95th Division ranked as the No. 1 reserve training division in the country. The 95th Division is composed of reserve units in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The Division is training non-unit reservists from Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana.


25 years ago


Nine women have accepted invitations to join Conway Junior Auxiliary and will begin a six-month training program to familiarize themselves with the organization and the community. Susan Stoltz and Donna Clawson are previsional trainers.

They are Valarie Barkley, Janie Carpenter, Liz Ann Case, Mary Lee Franks, Renee Hale, Pam McDowell, Kaye Nutter, Carol Stout and Claudia Strange.

The auxiliary is an organization whose members provide charitable services to the community with particular emphasis on children. 


10 years ago 


Jessica Gilbreath was chosen the Conway Housing Authority’s Resident of the Year for 2001. She was presented the award during the recent block party held at the CHA. She was chosen for outstanding participation in resident programs and serving on the Resident Advisory board.