The first race of the 2012 election season developed this week when Linda Tyler joined Jason Rapert as announced candidates for the newly redistricted District 35 seat in the state Senate.

Rapert, a Republican, has been in the state Senate representing the former District 18. After redistricting, he was in the new District 35. Tyler, a Democrat, has served two terms in the state House of Representatives.

Recent political announcements include:

State legislature:

Senate District 35, Jason Rapert, Republican

Senate District 35, Linda Tyler, Democrat

House District 72, Steve Magie, Democrat,

House District 15, Johnny Hoyt, Democrat

House District 70, David Meeks, Republican


State District Court, Div. 2, Ninth District, Amy Brazil

State District Court, Div. 1, Ninth District, Mike Murphy

Conway (nonpartisan races)

Mayor, Mark Elsinger,

Faulkner County:

Sheriff, H. Allen Smith, Republican

Sheriff, Andy Shock, Republican