The National League of Junior Cotillions-Faulkner County Chapter, has announced the following schedule of dances and balls for the 2011-2012 season: Sept. 11 - Introduction Dance, Oct. 2 -Autumn Dance, Nov. 6 - Thanksgiving Dance, Dec. 2 - Holly Ball, Jan. 15, 2012 - Winter Dance, Feb. 5, 2012 - Valentine’s Dance, and March 2, 2012 - Spring Ball. The dances (which are the classes) and the Balls will be held at the Brewer-Hegeman Center.

The National League of Junior Cotillions is an etiquette and social dance-training program that involves thousands of students nationwide.  The local program is offered to any interested sixth to eighth grade boy or girl in the county.  

"The skills that we teach these children promote respect, self-confidence, and strong self-esteem, enabling them to deal with the issues facing adolescents today. This encourages the social behavior and character necessary to gain the edge in future experiences, such as college entrance, business experiences, and other life opportunities," said Susan Humphries, director. 

Susan Humphries has received numerous awards from NLJC since she became a director in 1993, including New Director of the Year 1994, PreCotillion Director of the Year 1995, Director of the Year 2005, Meritorious Service Award 2006, and the NLJC Presidential Award of Excellence 1993-2011. 

While membership is by invitation only, the classes are open to any interested sixth through ninth grader in the county. "The purpose of the invitation is to make it special to the child," continues Humphries. "It is always special to receive a formal invitation with your name on it." Any parent desiring information about the program simply needs to contact Susan Humphries. Late registration is being held now. Parents can reach Humphries at 501-262-5054.