Bad luck has struck again for the organizers of the Soul Food Café. After having to move from their original location due to a fire in 2006, they are once again without supplies and a building after an early morning fire Sunday.

According to Mike Winter, assistant fire chief, the department responded to the Four Winds Church, where the Soul Food Café was being operated from, shortly after 8 a.m.

When they arrived, they discovered that the building behind the church, located at 2005 Dave Ward Drive, was on fire. The building is connected to the church by a breezeway and housed the gym and Family Life Center for the church as well as the food ministry.

"All of the supplies are a complete loss," Winter said. "The clothing and food, whether it is due to fire or the smoke and heat, it is gone. Our teams had to cut holes in the roof to ventilate the building and get the smoke and heat out, so the building is still standing but it is a complete loss as well."

Winter said that while investigators were still on the scene some four hours after the initial call, they do not suspect that the fire was deliberately set.