Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Harassing communications, 3000 block of Dave Ward Drive. Officers made contact with a woman who stated that she has been receiving harassing messages from an unknown female. The victim stated that she began receiving the messages after speaking with a salesman at a local car dealership regarding the purchase of a vehicle. The victim stated that she had communicated with the man a few times but only for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle and that she believed the messages were coming from the man’s girlfriend. Officers spoke with the man who gave officers his girlfriend’s name and address. When officers made contact with the suspect, she advised that she had called the victim to tell her "not to be calling her man." The suspect stated that she had overheard the conversations between the victim and her boyfriend and she thought it was unprofessional and disrespectful. The suspect was told not to contact the victim again and an incident report was filed.

2. Theft of property, 400 block of Radcliffe St. A man contacted officers to report that his cell phone had been stolen. The victim stated that a man came to his door selling steaks and he invited the suspect into his home. A short time later the suspect left the home and the victim discovered that his phone was missing, An incident report was filed.

3. Disturbance, Backyard Burgers, 2160 Harkrider St. Officers responded to the business in reference to a woman throwing clothes at her ex-boyfriend who is an employee of the restaurant. When the officers arrived at the business they spoke with several employees and customers who stated that the suspect arrived at the restaurant and became very emotional. The suspect began to yell at the victim and throw clothes at him. The victim stated that he was trying to get the suspect to calm down and stop creating a scene at his work when the police were called. Witnesses to the event stated that it was a verbal altercation only. When officers spoke with the manager of the business, she stated that this is the second time the suspect had made a scene at the business and had been asked to leave. The manager stated that she would like a criminal trespass warning issued to the woman. While officers were attempting to explain the warning process to the suspect, they noted that she "would not listen and focused her attention on her ex-boyfriend, who was fifty yards away." The suspect was issued a warning and told to leave the property. The suspect did not leave and was given an option of leaving the property or going to jail. The suspect then told officers that the victim had struck her, which contradicted statements from the witnesses to the incident. The suspect was told to leave the property and not come back. No further action was taken.