Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Battery - third degree, central Conway. A woman made contact with officers to report that a dentist who treated her son had used "unnecessary contact" when dealing with her child. The woman stated that her child was scared and crying and the suspect "used one hand to grab the child by the face, squeezing him by the cheeks", in an effort to have the child listen to him to calm him down. The woman was then asked to step outside the room so the child would calm down, which she did. The woman said she noted that shortly after she left the room, she noticed that her son’s cries stopped. When the appointment was over, the boy told his mother that he tried to run after her when she left the room but the dentist "grabbed him by the neck of his shirt" and pulled him back. The boy then stated that the dentist put his hand over the boy’s mouth and told him to "shut up and get back in the seat or I’ll spank you." When officers made contact with the dentist, he denied the allegations and stated that "he had put his hands on the boy’s cheeks and turned his head, but not in a manner that would hurt him." The suspect also stated that when the boy ran after his mother, that he held the boy back from running out of the room by hanging on to his arm and his waist. Both parties provided their statements to the officers and an incident report was filed.

2. Harassing communications, 10 block of Manchester Drive. Officers made contact with a man who stated that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend is harassing her. The man stated that the suspect called him and wanted to tell him "bad stuff" about his daughter but the man told him not to have contact with his daughter anymore and ended the conversation. The suspect has sent numerous text messages and has called several times since then. The suspect has also come to the victim’s place of employment in an effort to convince her to go out with him again. An incident report was filed and the victim was made aware of the warrant process.

3. Violation of omnibus DWI act - first offense, Valero gas station, 375 E. Oak St. An officer responded to the scene when a customer at the business backed into another officer’s patrol car. The man stated that he thought he was out too far in the street and had backed up so he would not get hit. The responding officer noted that he smelled an odor of intoxicants coming from the suspect. The suspect was asked if he had been drinking, and he admitted to having "three or four beers" at a friend’s house. The suspect failed standardized field sobriety tests that were given by the responding officer and he was placed under arrest and transported to the police station where he was placed under observation then taken to the hospital to have his blood tested for alcohol. Based on the results, he was then transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center and cited for careless and prohibitive driving as well as driving while intoxicated.