A micro burst of winds in Vilonia Wednesday caused damage to a mobile home blowing it off the foundation. 

At about 1:50 p.m., Sue Ann Covert said winds hit her mobile home, located at 16 Cherrybrook Ln., and blew it off the foundation landing it about four to five feet from the original location. 

"It hit so fast, I really didn’t realize what happened until it was over," Covert said. "I could hear hail and the pouring rain. I had just looked out the window. It tossed me and my little dog Tigger around for a few minutes. I hit my head or something hit my head. I thought it was a tornado."

Covert escaped injuries, she said, except a small bruise on her forehead. Walking outside of her mobile home, alongside her mother Evelyn Baird, the women discussed the state the mobile home was left in. Another wind, Baird said, she believes it will give way and crash. 

"I think the air conditioning unit and an old utility pole kept it from going all the way," Covert said. 

Water lines and sewer lines were broken as a result of the shifting. As well, the paint was stripped off an outside eve.  However, Covert said, her electricity remained on. Inside, a corner buckled causing a crack to form in her living room. What-knots lay on the floor broke and furniture leaned. It also blew the front porch off aside.

Some of Covert’s neighbors had downed trees but all reported no significant damage. 

"I got more limbs down now than when the tornado hit," said Yolanda Perry, Covert’s neighbor.  The community still reeling from the April 25 tornado, Covert said her property was spared damage on that date. 

Covert said she has owned the mobile home for about four years. She said she has no insurance on it. Sandy Towles, case supervisor for the Vilonia Disaster Relief Alliance, was on hand Wednesday evening assessing the damage. 

Earlier in the day, the power in the Vilonia area was off from about 7:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. following a thunderstorm. There were no other reports of damage.