By Margie Fulmer

Welcome home to Earnestine Newberry. She was given a house warming Aug. 7 at Oakland Methodist Church after morning service and lunch. She wishes to thank everyone for coming and all the wonderful, useful gifts, given then, and since then. She has many friends, who love her.

Congratulations to Harold and Brenda Firestone who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last Sunday at the home of their daughter, Carlene, and husband, Joe Burns, here in Holland. Joe treated them with a cookout, which was enjoyed by all. Those attending were Adam, Jessie Cook and children, Andy and Lauren and Asein Cook, Tom and Sally with Kelli Gamelin, all of Greenbrier, and Dr. Gery and Mary Sherwood of Rosebud.

We extend sympathy to the family of Dolan Rorie.

Our old International Shoe Company annual reunion this year will be Oct. 1. We urge all who are able to try to come. We never know who won’t be here next time; we never would have dreamed our ol’ pal, Radford Zellner, wouldn’t be with us this year. This could be our last year to get together. It will be at the Senior Citizen Center in Conway as in previous years. It will be potluck style.

I talked to Rosalind Harrington on Sunday afternoon, and she said their 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated Aug. 3 at Kansas City. She is such a blessing, she said "this is not a party." This is a time of praising God for giving them 50 years together. Like I said previously, she was raised here in Holland, and still has a lot of friends and relatives here.

The Faulkner County Singing Club starts this fall and winter sessions in September. We meet each second Sunday in each month. We start back at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 11 at Oakland United Methodist Church (my home church) and want to invite all of you to come worship with us in Gospel singing. It’s time for us to elect officers for the next year. We hope to get more young people involved. The public is invited.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy had a surprise one day last week when a long-time classmate of Rose’s, Sue Edwards of Fayetteville, and her brother, Robert Edwards, of Conway, came for a visit. Rose’s son, Bro. Dale Collins is about the same.

Earl and Doris Grissom of Camden visited Earnestine Newberry, Friday and Friday night. Earl is Earnestine’s brother. Tommy McElroy, with wife and daughter, of Camden, visited her last weekend. Tommy is her nephew.

You can just feel fall in the air. The big yellow school buses are rolling again. Be careful. We try to not be out on the roads when its time for the buses to run.

When God forgives our sin, it is gone forever.

Praise His Holy name.




By Jennifer Freeman

Two Sundays ago, the congregation at Centerville United Methodist was treated to a tour and educated by Terry and Lucy Worm about raising turtles. It was fascinating. I certainly enjoyed watching the baby turtles hatch from their eggs and was impressed with Terry’s knowledge and patience as he explained everything to us and answered our many questions. Once the turtles hatch, there is a bubble under their belly that feeds the turtle for a full year. 

There were tubs of baby turtles swimming outside and then tubs filled with peat moss and baby turtles inside the hatching room. Terry had drilled holes in the tubs for the turtles to get some air but had cloth glued over the holes. Gnats or flies that get into the turtle box will eat their eyes out and the fabric keeps that from happening. After looking at everything around the house, Terry loaded his truck with kids and adults alike to go to the ponds. The kids came back feeling excited at what they had learned and Terry was kind enough to give each child a turtle to take home. 

Kaylee named her turtle "Terry the Turtle" and checks on him several times a day. Dylan has the responsibility of taking care of his dog, Marley, and didn’t want to bring anything home that he would have to feed or care for. Marley is quite mischievous. He did however think it was cool and we discussed how cool our field trip turned out.   

I am sure there is quite a bit of news happening around Centerville lately, but no one has let me hear of it. I know that Denny and Genene Smith drove to Branson last Saturday to do a little shopping, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them at church on Sunday. 

Doc Beasley and Ben McNew do a fabulous job leading our music but Genene certainly makes us sound better. I also know Teresa Golden took her parents on a journey out west and am sure that they had a great time but don’t really know any details. Jamie and Zach Allen surprised Darrel, and I last Saturday night with an unexpected visit. The kids and I made sure we went to visit with one of my favorite aunts last week, Frances Hall. It had been several weeks since we had time to just visit with getting everything ready for school to begin and taking our vacation. I am thankful Frances shares her time with us when we have time to visit.

If you have news for the column, please e-mail me at jennfreeman@windstream.net. On a final note, happy birthday to my oldest sister, Mary Hall and to Erin Shaw.





Come to the Guy-Perkins Beauty Pageant at 6 p.m. Saturday in the cafeteriom. Come out and support these young ladies as they venture into a different life tonight.

Please keep the following in your prayers, Carolyn Alexander, Betty Griffith, Doug Moudy and his family, and anyone else that is sick in the community.

School has started, and everyone is in a rush now. I hope each student, teacher, principal, bus driver, para professional, cafeteria workers, secretaries, mechanics in the school districts has a great year this year, and remember that your influencing the next generation to take care of us.  

What about this weather. I always said you never could tell what is next with Arkansas weather.

Landon James Dowdy came and spent time with his Nanna this weekend. We had a great time spending it with Mom, too. He is such a darling kid. Of course, I am bragging. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning with those great big blue eyes looking at you, and saying I love you, Nanna. What more is it?

Area 17 Special Olympics had their annual first meeting of the year last Tuesday night. Several items on the agenda. New update, the Polar Plunge will be Jan. 28. I want to challenge all politicians, law enforcements, fire departments, judges, schools, mayor and everyone in the county to come out to pledge someone or come out to plunge. More info at a later date. We would like to beat a record this year too. We will have a dessert auction too and if you can’t plunge come bid on a dessert. They will all be homemade desserts no store bought. Call me at 679-3299 for more information, or e-mail me at holtb52@yahoo.com. 

Carl Baker of the Guy Fire Department is going to plunge, so please help support him too. Our area is made up of five counties: Faulkner, Van Buren, Conway, Perry and Pope, and I would like to challenge each county to compete to see who can raise the most money. After all, it goes to the athletes to support our Area 17 program. So don’t forget you will be hearing more from me.

Have a great week and remember to not drink and drive. If you are caught drinking and driving you will be arrested! Save yourself and others by not drinking and driving.


Shady Grove


By Hazel Love

The recent rains that we have had have really made everything green again. God always sends us what we need, when we need it. We are still grumbling about the heat, even though it is 10-15 degrees lower than it has been. Never satisfied are we?

I went to Fayetteville on Tuesday of last week and came home on Thursday to visit with Chelsey for a couple of days. I was able to visit with Tyler also as he went to dinner with us on Tuesday and Wednesday came over to the house for dinner. We had a great time together. We both have to have our "Chelsey/MeMaw" fix every now and then. She is working and going to school for her Senior year at the University Of Arkansas.

An interesting tidbit: Judy Harkrider, Greenbrier Junior High band director, says she has a first time ever to relate. She has now officially taught or taught with all of the members of one family.  It is the Shawn Hammontree clan. Judy taught with Shawn at Greenbrier, and she had Tonya in Choir during her tenure at Vilonia, and she has had all three of the children — Sarah, Meredith, and now, Reese. Isn’t Greenbrier a great place to live and go to school?

Meredith Hammontree and Charity Glover were recently selected at the University of Central Arkansas Cheer Camp to the All American Cheer Squad. They both have been given the opportunity to appear in the Houston, Texas, Thanksgiving Day Parade.

High school football begins Friday. Greenbrier will play at Beebe. I’m looking forward to some great football games with our boys. They did great this past week in scrimmage with Heber Springs and Central Arkansas Christian, defeating both teams.

We have several in the community who need our prayer support. Karen Garrison has been placed on the Kidney Transplant list. She still has a lot of medical tests to go thru. Karen Oaks has been in Arizona at Mayo Clinic this past week having a complete neurological work-up. Carol Frye needs our continued prayers as she begins a series of treatments next week. Shelby Wilcox continues to recover from recent surgery.