VILONIA — The Vilonia School District has tied for eighth place as holding the highest GPA ranking in the state with an overall score of 3.38 in the 2011 Arkansas Benchmark Test results.

Dr. Frank Mitchell, superintendent, said he is pleased with the overall ranking.

"If we did this well in a ballgame or some other sport, we would be shouting about it from the rooftop," he said.

The state standing was derived from a report from the Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas released July 22. The job of the OEP, in regard to the Benchmark Test results, is to share data with the public in a quick and accessible way through a district-level database highlighting three academic performance measures for each district across the state, according to their report.   

The figures released were based on proficient/advanced on the Benchmark math exam and the literacy exam. The test score data also only covers grades 3-8, as these are the only grades that take the Benchmark tests. All district-level averages are weighted based on enrollment.

Vilonia, with an enrollment of 3,056, tied for the ranking with Salem (enrollment 727), Greenwood (enrollment 3,587), Lakeside B in Central Arkansas (3,037), and Jackson County (826.)

Bentonville School District led with an overall GPA of 3.45 (enrollment of 13,530); Valley View ranked second with an overall GPA of 3.43 (2,346); Valley Springs (966), Lisa Academy (428) and Spring Hill (511) tied for third, fourth and fifth rankings with overall GPA’s of 3.40. Harrison (2,790) and Charleston (879) tied for sixth and seventh with overall GPA’s of 3.39. 

The outcome for other districts in Faulkner County included Conway (enrollment 9,256) with an overall GPA of 3.36; Mayflower, 2.95 (1,056); Mount Vernon-Enola (475), 3.31. In the surrounding area, Cabot (10,052) had an overall GPA of 3.28; Beebe (3,204), 3.16 and Searcy (4,007) 3.27.