Friendliest Angel
By Pauletta McFarlan
This year gone by, and more to come, You’re a peach in so many eyes.
Family, friends, neighbors so many, All blessed to have you in our lives.
Your heart so large, of it there is plenty. When God said the “Golden Rule”,
Of you Mom He was thinking.
You treat others as you wish them treat you, In today’s world, whether or not they do.
So on your day, this for you I pray, A life of peace and happiness,
Love and pride and health.
These will fill your coming year
with the greatest of heavenly wealth.
Happy Birthday, Mom
Etta B.

By Maxine Spryes Hixon
Do you have so much plastic ... at month’s end,
  you’re spastic?
If this is so ... sometimes requiring actions which
  are drastic.
When you feel so stretched out -- like an old piece of
  worn-out elastic;
Best cut down on spending -- before you become a
  case in a basket.
A good start to make -- getting things in shape -- is
  cut up all plastic.
Refusing to see ... how things be — there could
  be an untimely exit!
Better without such pressure to live -- cut the 
  spending -- use what you have -- wear the old weskit!
If these words picture you -- spastic, drastic elastic and
  plastic -- hmmm ... next in rhyme could be casket!

You Can’t Leave Home
By Helene Stallcup
While traveling around the golden sphere,
I found a certain charm in every land,
and lingered in the ancient atmosphere with artifacts and questions in the sand.
I visited the buildings found in books,
museums displaying art and waxen doll.
I joined the masses in admiring looks
at castles, pyramids, the Taj Mahal,
and yet, my homesick eyes could always find
a crystal stream tucked in a gravel bed,
or I would catch my lagging heart behind
down some thin road with tall trees overhead.
  Somewhere along the way I always saw
  a scene that called me back to Arkansas.