Incoming freshmen and returning students received a warm a welcome and an encouragement in making quality decisions as True Holiness Saints Center held its 13th annual College Day.

Guest speakers at the service included Conway Mayor Tab Townsell, University of Central Arkansas President Allen Meadors, Central Baptist President Terry Kimbrow and Hendrix College President Tim Cloyd.

"This is always the highlight of the start of college," Townsell said. "You’re not just in Conway, you are now of Conway."

The service was led by Pastor Cornell Maltbia, who preached not just on the importance of finding a strong support system, but on making quality decisions. 

"If you’re going to make quality decisions, quit asking the wrong questions," Maltbia said, stressing the importance of asking the right day-to-day questions that apply individually to help make one’s life better.

The service was followed by a free luncheon and vendors fair, where several programs from Conway’s three colleges and other departments and figures of Conway set up booths to talk to students about their involvement in the community.

Food was provided by First Security Bank’s Teal Grill, who has been involved in the annual event for several years, Maltbia said.

Townsell, who also attended the luncheon, stressed the importance of getting involved and branching out once getting to college.

"It was a fun sermon, and I think the pastor really enjoys it," Townsell said.

UCA alumnus Roger Privett is an active member of the church and is also on the executive board of the Interdenominational Christian Council, a student-recognized organization at Hendrix and UCA.

"If you don’t have God in your life, you could lose your foundation," Privett said. 

The ICC was in charge of coordinating the event, Maltbia said, with Rep. Linda Tyler, Major Andy Shock of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, Sen. Jason Rapert, Dr. Steve Magie and First Security Bank sponsoring.