Battery - third degree, 500 block of Donaghey Ave.

Officers responded to a disturbance at a Pike fraternity party. When they arrived the UCA police officers had cleared the building and the CPD responding officers could hear a disturbance at the back of the residence. They made contact with a woman who stated that another woman had punched her in the mouth. The victim stated that she had a loose tooth as a result of being hit and the officers noted that her lip was swollen. The victim stated that she was struck by another woman while waiting to go to the rest room. The victim stated that the suspect punched her because she wanted to use the rest room first. The suspect stated that she had not punched the victim but admitted that the two had argued about who got to use the rest room first because the victim told her that "she outranked her in their sorority" and the suspect needed to show her some respect. Both the victim and the suspect were advised of the warrant process.