Battery - third degree, Hendrix College, 1600 Washington Ave.

Officers made contact with the Hendrix public safety officers who went to get two students who had been involved in an altercation on the campus. One of the students stated that he and a friend noticed a group of people on the campus that did not go to the school, so they approached them and began asking them questions to see if they went to Hendrix. A member of the group asked the victim if he wanted to go to a "Sig Ep" party. The victim stated that when he found out that the group did not go to Hendrix, he began to refer to them as "Townies", which angered the group. A member of the group punched the victim in the head and then attempted to shake hands with him. When the victim refused to shake hands with the man, he punched him again. While this was occurring, another member of the group punched the other victim in the head as well. The victims were told to contact the department if they gained any more information about the identity of their attacker and were warned to "be careful about slangs when they don’t know if they might offend people they do not know."