In the ongoing fight against good and evil, Conway firefighter Kent Schreiber has found another way to weave a story that encompasses the details of the struggle in a way that draws the reader in. 

His lastest book, titled "Wickflicker," finds two college freshmen who aim to be the life of the party enticed by someone darker who offers them the world in exchange for a few small favors. One accepts the agreement and prospers, while the other is in a fight against time to save his friend. 

The book asks the reader a very thought provoking question, "Would you gain the whole world in exchange for your soul?"

Schreiber, who writes under the pseudonym, Teric Darken, will be holding a book signing at Hastings from 1-3 p.m. Saturday.

He said this book is a modern day allegory of the prodigal son and includes a little bit of his own experiences. 

"Small snippets of my life and included in everything I write," he said. "When I was young, my dad told me spooky stories and I loved it. This book has a supernatural theme to it that I alluded to in my last book. My dad used to buy me movie monster model kits when I was a kid instead of baseball cards or whatever anyone else my age was into and I have loved that type of story ever since then. There is a lot of those influences in the book."

Schreiber said the story, like his first two novels, has a Christian worldview and while the story is dark, it shows how humanity needs to find the light.

"The story has a deeper message than what’s read in black and white," he said. "The meaning is evident, though each reader must discern how, or if, it applies to the story of their lives as each daily chapter unfolds."

Schrieber’s first two books were published through the Westbow Press but Wickflicker is being published through Treasureline Publishing.

His influences include Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Robert Liparulo, C.S. Lewis and Tim Downs. Schreiber also has two short stories included in the 2011 supernatural-thriller anthology Feckless, released through TreasureLine Publishing.

Schreiber released his first book, a collection of song lyrics and poems, in 2000. He also performed with the Christian rock group Narrow Road for nearly 10 years. The band has released five albums that feature Schreiber’s lyrics.

"Wickflicker" is available at most major retailers or can be ordered at and or purchased at Hastings.

For more information on the works of Teric Darken, visit his website:, his online blog: or his Facebook page.

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