Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Drunk, insane or disorderly person, Conway Regional Medical Center, 2302 College Ave. Officers were called to the area by hospital employees when a woman they had been treating left the facility with an IV still in her arm. The woman was yelling at vehicles and pedestrians as they passed her. The officers could not locate her and were advised that the woman had returned to the hospital but was creating a disturbance. When the officers arrived at the hospital, the woman was crying and shouting obscenities at her nurses. The officers attempted to calm her down so they could talk with her but noted that they were only successful in keeping her calm for short periods of time. The officers also noted that the woman had several “pocket scars” on her face, legs and arms and that the hospital staff advised that the woman was a methamphetamine user. She was released to the officers with the recommendation that she be held for an evaluation by an employee at Counseling Associates. While at the Faulkner County Detention Center, the woman would not cooperate with officers to allow her mug shot photos to be taken. 

2. Theft of property, United States Post Office, 1111 Main St. Officers made contact with a patron of the post office when he reported that his cell phone had been stolen while he was conducting business there. The man stated that he briefly left his phone on the counter and when he finished doing what he needed to, he looked down to get the phone and leave the building, but the phone was missing. Employees at the post office were able to give the officers the name of the only other customer inside the building at the time because she had just purchased some money orders. Officers will attempt to make contact with the suspect.

3. Harassing communications, 3700 block of Jeanna Drive. Officers were dispatched to the residence in reference to a woman being harassed via telephone by another woman. The victim stated that the suspect keeps calling her from different numbers asking her to buy things from her for $20. The woman had offered to sell the victim Christmas decorations and was told at that time not to call back. When the suspect was told not to call back, she told the victim that the victim’s husband was trying to sleep with her. The officers made contact with the suspect and advised her not to contact the victim. She advised she would not, but wanted to know “who was calling her a prostitute”. The officers noted that they told the suspect if they found out, they would let her know. An incident report was filed.

4. Theft of property, 3330 block of Ash Street. A woman called to report that she had been contacted by a local pawn shop in reference to a camera that had been pawned. The woman stated that the pawn shop employee advised that this was the last day to pay for the camera or it would be sold. The woman stated that she did not pawn the camera and did not know when it had been taken. The woman also stated that she suspects an acquaintance of hers stole the camera and then pawned it. She was made aware of the warrant process. 

5. Theft of property, 170 block of South Ash Street. Officers were initially dispatched to the area in reference to a burglary report. When they made contact with the home owner, they discovered that the incident was considered theft of property. The victim advised that his live in partner had taken his wallet and used his debit card. The victim stated that he believed the man took his wallet when he was asleep. The victim could not tell the officers where the card had been used and was asked to bring a detailed list of what was in the wallet to the officers so it could be added to the report.

6. Criminal mischief-second degree, 3100 block of Pebble Beach Drive. A woman made contact with officers to report that someone had poured chocolate syrup and cottage cheese on her vehicle at some point during the night. The woman stated that she took pictures of her vehicle. An incident report was filed.

7. Harassment, 2100 block of Raintree Drive. A man made contact with officers to report that his ex-girlfriend has called the gas company and used his name and social security number to have the gas turned off to his home. He also stated that the woman also had the billing changed to her name and the service transferred to her residence. The man stated that the woman called him to advise that if he didn’t give a crib that they had used for his children to her sister, that she would “take him to the cleaners”. The victim was advised of the warrant process and how to obtain a no contact order.

8. Unauthorized use of a vehicle, 1600 block of Scott Street. A woman made contact with officers to report that her son had taken her vehicle and would not give it back to her. The woman stated that she had tried to be nice and tell him to bring it back but he called her and told her he had someone that wanted to buy it, so she told him she was going to call the police. The woman stated that she did not want her vehicle to be sold and had told her son that as well. The officers noted that the vehicle is in the victim’s name only and the son does not legally have any right to sell it.

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