Drunk, insane or disorderly person, Conway Regional Medical Center, 2302 College Ave.

Officers were called to the area by hospital employees when a woman they had been treating left the facility with an IV still in her arm. The woman was yelling at vehicles and pedestrians as she walked down the street. The officers could not locate her and were advised that the woman had returned to the hospital, but was creating a disturbance. When the officers arrived at the hospital, the woman was crying and shouting obscenities at the nurses. The officers attempted to calm her down so they could talk with her but noted that they were only successful in keeping her calm for short periods of time. The officers also noted that the woman had several "pocket scars" on her face, legs and arms and that the hospital staff advised that the woman was a methamphetamine user. She was released to the officers with the recommendation that she be held for an evaluation by an employee at Counseling Associates. While at the Faulkner County Detention Center, the woman would not cooperate with officers to allow her mug shot photos to be taken.