The meeting was started promptly at 12 noon by our president Ron Ross.

We have a visitor who is Al Roux. Joe Johnson did the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Peggy Sturgis and Deb Langston led the song which was My country Tis of Thee.

Donna Bivins introduced the speaker who was President Lillian Petrucelli from the Conway Cancer Foundation.  

She started with the question which was is there anyone in this room who has either had cancer or know someone affected by cancer?

In March of 1999 she had cancer and then her husband had cancer. They both went through chemotherapy.

Twelve years ago Dr. Tsuda and her husband started the Conway Cancer Foundation. They provide education, and emotional support to cancer patients in the Faulkner County and  surrounding areas. It is a totally volunteer group, no paid staff and is completely run by volunteers. Dr. Tsuda’s father served temporarily as a director. A well informed patient is better able to participate with care, support, diet, medication and all the elements that go along with it. 

They have a periodic newsletter called The Tumor Rumor and Fred Petruccelli is the editor of this. They have many professionals and doctors that come in and have meetings to educate the public more about the different aspects of cancer. Each year they support a cancer survivors day with a party, door prizes and many other things. They come  and celebrate and also remember those that have survived and lost. They strive to bring hope to the survivors and encourage all people to have tests to detect it early. They have a core of volunteers at the Oncology Clinic also, just to be there for support for people. They do an amazing job of cheering people up who are waiting for treatment. They do not actively fundraise, but they have businesses who may offer to have fundraisers and all the proceeds go to the Cancer Center. They get financial assistance from individuals as well as pharmacies and local businesses. Mrs. Petrucelli has packets of note cards to sell that are designed from local artists and the proceeds go to the cancer center. She took questions at the end of her speech.

 President Ross mentioned that The Senior Expo is Friday the 26th of August on Salem Road at the Conway Fitness Center from 8-12 a.m.

For next month at FUMC bring a white elephant gift for the Senior Center for their Bingo as well as one for the bingo at FUMC. We are also asking for non-perishable food for the food pantry at FUMC and please do not forget to bring a dish to share for the potluck. The following month Ron will announce what to bring for the month after.

We talked about those who are not getting the phone calls from volunteers.

We had 36 people today. 

Ruby did her sunshine report donated were 587 hours for last month and 3 get well cards sent.

August birthdays were announced.

Peggy Sturgis did the health report in Virgie Tsuda’s absence. She spoke on stroke identification. The first three letters of a stroke tell you what to do S for ask them to smile, T for talk and speak, and R ask them to raise both arms if they cannot do this call 9-1-1 immediately. A new sign is stick out your tongue and if it goes to one side or another it it a sign of a stroke. 

The door prize was won by Ray Patterson.

Adjourned by 12:54 p.m.