A 24-year-old Conway woman found a friend and then foundherself in a dangerous situation.

A police report on the series of events indicates that thewoman recently met the 47-year-old Conway suspect through mutual friends. Theman helped the woman with vehicle troubles on two occasions, and she agreed to "burn"a CD of music for him at her residence on Friday.

While there, the man pinned the woman to the wall and kissedher, the report said. The woman rebuffed him, telling him that she is married.

The report said the woman took the man to his residence,where a group of people were playing cards. She stayed at the residence forsome time and then began to leave.

The man followed her down the steps, according to thereport, and attacked her, trying to pull her back up the stairs by her hair.The report said the man also began to choke her, but she was able to break freeand flee the scene.

 The mancontacted the woman by phone several times afterward, but the woman said shehad no contact with him.

While reporting the incidents to authorities, the woman saidthat after the fact several things that the man had said now seemed worrisome.She said that he asked her if she would report to police if he raped her andthat if he raped a woman he would kill her to "keep her from talking to thepolice." The woman said that the man told her that if she ever got him thrownin jail that when he got out he would kill her, her sister and her mother.

Authorities are still investigating the incidents.