Oppressive heat meant record water and electricity use in July and August, the board of Conway Corp. was told Tuesday.Even Brewer Lake, the city’s water supply, reflected the increased demand for water, even though more than six inches of rain was recorded at the lake.Revenues were higher, but so were operating costs for the city-owned utility company, said Bret Carroll, chief financial officer.The number of electric, water and wastewater customers was up, with 30,146 customers on the grid for electricity.Subscribers to cable television chose the high definition option by an increase of almost 12 percent. Total number of subscribers was 22,432, a slight decrease from last year, though those numbers are expected to increase as college is back in session, said Chief Technology Officer Jason Hansen.The number of those requesting voice service, a land line supplied by Conway Corp., increased by 17 percent.There are 13,700 residential and 954 commercial subscribers to the broadband internet service, Hansen said, and there are 16,000 Conway Corp. cable modems in the service area.There were more than 114,000 Video on Demand views in August.The top network for minutes watched was CBS, but the top network for most households was ABC. The top premium channel is HBO; at the bottom is HBO-Latino.About 580 customers watched the Arkansas-Missouri State game on Sept. 3 on pay-per-view supplied by Conway Corp. The University of Central Arkansas-Arkansas State game Saturday will be televised on KATV throughout Arkansas.In his report to the board, CEO Richie Arnold said there might be a possibility of funding to expand the proposed Tupelo Bayou Treatment Plant to handle an addition 8 million gallons, giving more flexibility and possibly producing Class A sludge.Chief Operating Officer Tommy Shackleford said the sludge can be marketed for use as a soil amendment.(Staff writer Becky Harris can be reached at becky.harris@thecabin.net and 505-1234.)