School election results put Jennifer Hill over Beth Hartwick for a position on Greenbrier’s school board and Tim Nolan over Trey White for a seat on Vilonia’s board.

Election day, early and absentee votes totaled 302 for the Vilonia race, with Nolan claiming 175 votes and White, 123. Four voters chose neither candidate. 

Nolan took 58.72 percent of the vote and White 41.28 percent. 

Greenbrier voters numbered 499, with Hill claiming 291 votes and Hartwick 207. 

Hill took 58.43 percent of the vote and Hartwick, 41.57. One voter chose neither of the candidates. 

Nolan will serve at Position 1 on Vilonia’s school board and Hill will serve at Position 5 in Greenbrier. 

There were no millage changes in Faulkner County school districts for this election. 

Martin McKissack and Jacob Turner were uncontested on Vilonia’s ballot.

Toby Harrington, of Guy, was uncontested, as well as Scott Sewell for Mayflower and James Keathley for Mount Vernon-Enola.

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