Still upset about a previous wrong order, a21-year-old Conway man caused a ruckus at a fast-food restaurant Thursday.

According to a police report on the incident, the manager ofthe restaurant told police that the shirtless white male entered the businessjust before 6 p.m. Because he was carrying a shirt, the man was told to put iton or leave. At that point, the man unleashed a flurry of especially saucy language to complain about an allegedpreviously wrong order.

The report said the man walked out of the restaurant andbegan to bang his head on the door. He walked around the restaurant and enteredthrough another door. The manager said that she asked him to leave again,threatening to call authorities. As the man left, he slammed the door, breakingone of the hinges, according to the report.

Using the nuggets of information from the restaurant manager and a witness, officers located the suspect and arrested him for allegedpublic intoxication.