Shoplifting, Walmart, 1155 Skyline Drive.

While stopping at the business, an officer observed a loss prevention employee walk by his vehicle and motion toward the front door. The loss prevention employee walked in one door and immediately walked out the other, following a suspect. The loss prevention employee ordered the suspect to stop but the suspect ran away from the man. The loss prevention employee told the officer that the suspect had been concealing merchandise and the officer began to chase the suspect through the parking lot. A man who saw what was happening attempted to block the suspect with his truck so the officer could apprehend the suspect but the suspect ran around the truck. The driver of the vehicle joined in on the chase and ended up tackling the suspect and bringing him to the ground. The officer was able to stop the suspect as he attempted to get up and continue to flee the scene. He was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center and cited with theft of property and fleeing on foot. The suspect told the officer that he only ran "because he was scared."