A woman who allegedly pulled a gun on a man at a traffic light in Conway is being extradited to Conway after surrendering to authorities in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

According to authorities at the Sallisaw Police Department, Xander Phifer, 30, walked into the lobby of the police station over the weekend and told them she had a warrant. She was taken into custody and officials with the Conway Police Department were notified.

Phifer was extradited to Conway on Wednesday, where she is accused of aggravated assault.

According to an incident report obtained from the Conway police department, Phifer held a man at gun point after she claimed he spit in her face at a traffic light.

However, the man involved in the incident stated that he was at a light at the intersection of College Avenue and Prince Street when the light changed. The vehicle in front of him did not proceed so he walked up to the vehicle in front of him to tell the driver to move. He stated that he then got back in his vehicle and proceeded to go around Phifer to leave the area and that she followed him.

"At the Hogan and Prince Street light, she went around him and he pulled into the gas station at the car wash to get away from her. When he left the carwash after several minutes, Phifer followed him again. This time he pulled into the driveway at 3305 Prince Street so that Phifer could drive past him. Instead, Phifer blocked him in."

The man told the officers that he got out of his vehicle again to tell her to move, which is when she allegedly pulled a gun on him and told him she was a police officer.

When officers spoke with Phifer, she stated that the man had approached her vehicle and yelled at her before spitting in her face, which is why she followed him. Phifer also stated that the man approached her with a glass bottle and threatened her, although officers were not able to locate a bottle.

No arrests were made at the scene, due to what the incident report lists as "wildly conflicting stories," but officers took possession of Phifer's weapon.

When the officers went to the gas station to speak with the witnesses there, they advised that Phifer had initiated the contact with the man and that she had followed him.

While responding to the scene, the officers noted that this was the second incident involving Phifer in the past several weeks where witnesses stated that she claimed to be a police officer.

Prior to this event, a man contacted officers to report that while he was at Phifer’s home for a yard sale, her dog tried to bite him and he kicked at the dog. He stated that Phifer came out of the residence, identified herself as a police officer and accused the man of kicking her dog for no reason.

After speaking with witnesses and the man involved in the incident at the traffic light, a warrant was sought for Phifer’s arrest.

According to La Tresha Woodruff, public information officer for the CPD, investigators have not yet determined why Phifer went to Oklahoma or the details surrounding her subsequent arrest.

(Candie Beck is a staff writer and can be reached at 505-1238 or at candie.beck@thecabin.net)