State Rep. Stephen Meeks has announced his bid for re-election in the newly drawn State House District 67. 

Meeks currently serves in District 47, which includes parts of Faulkner, Conway and Van Buren counties. District 67 covers most of central Faulkner County, including Greenbrier, Vilonia, Holland, Wooster and portions of western Conway.

In his freshman term, Meeks was one of 12 Republicans on the Tax and Revenue Committee. According to a campaign statement, "Meeks kept his campaign promise to vote against any tax increases. He also worked with members of the committee, both Republican and Democrat, to increase tax cuts from a proposed $15 million to $35 million. This slowed the growth of government spending from $110 million to $85 million and let Arkansans keep more of their money."

The statement also notes that Meeks also chose the Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee because much of area is in the Fayetteville Shale. 

"He has met with constituents, industry leaders, state agencies, and environmental groups to ensure the state is protecting its people and environment, while at the same time fostering the economic development and jobs the industry brings to our state," the statement reads. "When earthquakes unsettled Greenbrier-Guy, Rep. Meeks spent hours in consultation with state geologists. After the 4.7 earthquake struck he was a catalyst behind the scenes to have the injection wells closed around the fault.

"When tragedy struck our neighbors in Vilonia, Rep. Meeks was there. He was there the night of the tornado, making sure state resources were in place and praying with victims.  ...

"With over 65 percent of Arkansans against the Affordable Care Act or ‘Obamacare,’ Rep. Meeks was one of a handful of conservative legislators who stood with the people and said no to its early implementation in our state. Rep. Meeks also voted for ethics reform and to put the state’s checkbook online. As a member of the Legislative Audit Committee he is also faithfully looking out for your tax dollars."

Meeks will make a formal announcement at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Bartolotta Burgers in Springhill.